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Grilled Steak or Chops

3 lbs. good quality steak, pork or lamb chops
½ cup red wine vinegar
½ cup soy sauce
The Spice Hunter Steak & Chop Grill & Broil
1 red bell pepper, cut in long thin strips
2 medium-sized onions, cut in quarters
2 Tbsp. butter, melted
juice of ½ lemon

Sprinkle steaks or chops with Steak & Chop Grill & Broil. Marinate in vinegar and soy sauce for at least 30 minutes. Combine butter and lemon juice. Brush on onions and red pepper. Place onions on grill or broiler pan. Cook on high heat for 5 minutes. Remove meat from marinade and sprinkle extra Steak & Chop Grill & Broil on each side. Cook 3-5 minutes. Flip meat and add red pepper. Cook 3-5 minutes to desired doneness. Serve meat with onions and peppers.